We have an experienced and qualified team of financial professionals who can guide you through your complex government benefits program to help you develop solutions and strategies that work for you.  Our goal is to help you understand what is offered and how to utilize your benefits

to take advantage of the unique opportunities available for Federal Employees, both in your working years and into retirement.

We can help Federal Employees and their spouses understand the following benefits:

  • Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS and CSRS offset)
  • Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS)
  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
  • Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB)
  • Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)
  • Retirement Options and Eligibility
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Monthly Retirement Calculation
  • Social Security Benefits
  • ​Special Retirement Supplement

Whether new to federal service or close to retirement, it is crucial to understand the benefits that are

available and how they may change as you enter your retirement years.  

Do any of these common questions sound familiar?  If so, we can help.

  • When am I fully eligible to retire?
  • What would my pension (FERS or CSRS) amount be at retirement?
  • I am a CSRS Offset, how will this affect my pension?
  • What happens if I retire before I am fully eligible?
  • I want my spouse to receive my pension if I were to die, what are my options?
  • What is the Special Retirement Supplement?  Do I qualify for it?
  • How does my past military service factor into retirement?
  • I am a firefighter/air traffic controller/law enforcement officer/border patrol officer, how are my benefits different?
  • I'm already retired, what are my options with my TSP?
  • How much will my health insurance cost when I retire?  How about my life insurance?
  • Is my life insurance enough coverage?
  • How does Social Security fit into my retirement?

Didn't see your question here?  We've probably heard it before.  Give us a call at 626-915-7006.

We are pleased to periodically host ProFeds and the Federal Retirement Impact Workshops.  These all-day workshops are for Federal Employees and their spouses under both the CSRS and FERS retirement systems.  Workshops are focused on breaking down the complex benefits program into easy-to-understand language, educating employees so that they may make retirement decisions based on sound information.  Please see our Seminars & Speaking Engagements page for our current schedule and information on how to register.  

*The firm is not affiliated with the federal government.

Federal Employees

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We are available to provide educational workshops on Federal benefits topics.  Hire us to come to your agency and provide in-depth Federal Employee benefits knowledge to your employees while also giving valuable financial planning insights.